Hi, I am Faith Foo Siew-YUEN

Your ‘Unlimited Possibilities’ Coach

Individual coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself.

Imagine seeing a world with no limits—only possibilities. A tiny shift in perspective can create massive change at work, at home, and at play. It’s a gamechanger. Live the extraordinary now, by discovering + reclaiming your BEST, authentic self.

Faith Foo Siew-YUEN云 - Your ‘Unlimited Possibilities’ Guru
Faith Foo Siew-YUEN云 - Corporate Trainer / Coach / Therapist / Author

As the Founder and Director of Faith Foo Counseling, and the Co-Founder and Director of ABRI Integrated Mental Health. As well as a certified and experienced mental health professional, trainer, coach, speaker, and author. I hope you’ll see me as your partner-in-growth for mental wellness.

I am ready at your service—a guide on this transformative journey of becoming one’s BEST.

Customized Training, Workshops, Webinars.

Get Heard. Feel Understood & Empowered.

Mental Health for Happy & Functional Living.

Inspirational Reads to Enlighten & Encourage.

Faith Foo is not just a counsellor but a “people supporter” and “people appreciator” in the general sense. Beyond her professional skills of counselling and coaching she is also a mentor, a friend, an advocate. She works with humans on a human level, not rushing them to be who or what they do not identify to be. She walks alongside, not in front or behind.

Cathie Wu
Director of ABRI Integrated Mental Health
Counselling Psychologist.

My life’s transformation and personal experience have given me a formula that works to help others to realign with their BEST selves, and to live an

authentic life

I design training programs with proven tools that help people discover their

unique identity, passions, & purpose

Faith Foo Siew-YUEN云 - My Life My Story

…when I think of Faith Foo, I think firstly of an experienced therapist and a super supportive Director. Someone who believes in possibility, in people’s inherent potential and her own. Someone who actually invests her time and energy to nurture that potential, too. She is also a writer, a lover of nature, and generally a positive force in the world. Her writing is also deeply moving!!

Clinic Co-Ordinator
ABRI Integrated Mental Health

I can honestly say that Faith has helped me more than I ever thought possible. I came to her at the darkest point in my life, and together we’ve healed so much of my previous trauma that I’m able to see a great future. She is incredibly understanding, caring, and a true expert in her field.

Michael Walia