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Let’s collaborate to design effective trainings that will enrich and empower the talents in your organization. Drawing from real life experiences, and sharing my formula for success, the aim is to create relatable + transformative workshops.

There are no words to convey the miraculous feeling that I have experienced as a trainer, when I witness the “before and after” in each of the participants during training. The physical transformation is amazing. It’s like a literal enlightenment moment, as I’ve seen their faces glow and light up when they reconnect with their BEST selves.

A broad range of training workshops customized for corporate organizations

Participants’ faces often take on a glow as they reconnect with their BEST selves.

Previous corporate trainings & workshops I’ve conducted

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Signature Market

Transform Compassion Fatique - From Exhausion to Empowerment

Pantai Hospital KL

Helping Skills for Teachers in Integrating Mental Health in the Classroom

Sunway International School

Building a Resilient Marriage Workshop

Teaffani Catering

Currently available training programs

Mental Health in the Workplace

Transform Compassion Fatique - From Exhausion to Empowerment

Stress Management Training - Reduce Employee Burnout

Power of Now: Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day

Living Your Full Potential Program - Break Down Blocks and What Needs to Change to Reach Your Full Potential

Attending the “Transforming Compassion Fatigue” workshop was an enlightening and transformative experience. The workshop provided a safe space for deep reflection and self-care, equipping me with invaluable tools to combat compassion fatigue. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, I gained a profound understanding of the importance of self-compassion and setting healthy boundaries. The facilitators’ expertise and genuine empathy created a nurturing environment that encouraged vulnerability and growth. I am immensely grateful for this workshop, as it has revitalized my passion for my work and rejuvenated my spirit. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to reclaim their compassion and find sustainable ways to care for others while caring for themselves.

Lindsay Yapp
Manager of Clinical Service Development Department,
Pantai Hospital KL

During the experiential, activity-based training workshops and webinars, I create new opportunities to examine how work impacts us. I provide evidence-based methods to:

Increase our vitality

Embrace our positive emotions

Cultivate self-compassion

Embody our strengths

Develop resilience

I have always thought watching self-motivation talks on social medias is enough to learn about emotion regulation and mental health. It never occurred to me how different physically attending a session is until I attended Faith’s Compassion Fatigue session. Those raw moments with Faith really brought home the messages of self-compassion that I really valued. Not to mention the safe space created that allowed attendees to be vulnerable among peers with similar circumstances i.e. healthcare workers. Thanks again to PHKL for organizing such activity!

Fatimah Azureen binti Muhammad
Senior Operation Executive
Pantai Hospital, KL