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The 3 S'Elves

The 3 S’Elves and the Long to-Do List is a book filled with wonderful lessons for both children and adults to ponder upon and enjoy. It is a story about change, challenges and the journey in finding your true self.


Mid S’elf tries to be someone that she is not, and tells herself that who she really is isn’t okay. She suppresses who she really is and ends up feeling upset and lonely.

As a child, Old S’Elf was moulded by her parents and society to fit in. Eventually, she develops beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that keep her acting in the ways she was taught to, but not in the ways that make her appreciate her authentic self.

New S’Elf dares to stay true to what she believes in and is brave enough to express her genuine feelings and opinions.

Do you identify with New S’Elf? If not, this book will help you look deep down, into your New S’Elf.


“A heartwarming book for all who struggle for balance in modern life. Relevant, relatable, and easy to comprehend, you’ll be surprised to find yourself among the elves!”

Cathie Wu, Director
ABRI Integrated Mental Health

“What a great book for young people to learn the importance of setting boundaries, practising balance and self-care in life. It is indeed important for our children to know how to love themselves appropriately.”

Dr Elizabeth Lee
Chief Executive Officer, Sunway University and Sunway
Education Group

“Our ever-growing, ever-transforming “selves” are powerful catalysts that can inspire hopeful change in others. I have personally seen Faith Foo’s transformation of her selves over these last two decades. I trust that this story will resonate with your own, inspiring the selves within you to move towards empowerment and new possibilities.”

Dr. Johnben Loy
Founder and Clinicial Director, Rekindle Therapy Centre

“Faith Foo has illuminated in a delightfully written and beautifully illustrated book the transformation we must all embrace in our “million and one things to do” life; accepting who we are, as we are as always good enough.”

Karl D. LaRowe M.A., LCSW
International Speaker, Trainer and Author of: “You Are
Good Enough: Embracing Who You Really Are”

The book is insightful, clear and easy to understand. You will be surprised how it changes your viewpoint of relationships. Mastered the healthy expression to build on my communication with my partner! Definitely worth your time.

Kedyn Pang

I ordered a copy of Faith’s book, The 3 S’Elves and finally read it. It’s a book I believe children will enjoy and many adults can resonate with. An inspiring book to challenge us to connect our three selves to live a healthy and happy life.

Priscilla Edna Moreira

I love it! It really shows me the sides of me that I never really acknowledged MY WHOLE LIFE. An eye opener towards how THE SELF is made of different little “selves” working together, fighting together and creating a happy life together. I would recommend this book for all ages!

Juanita Megan

Relatable! Vibrant and full of wisdom. As i finished reading, it made me reflect on my own 3 S’Elves and how meaningful (at times painful) the journey is towards getting to know tgem. Highly recommended to those who would like to reflect on their own S’Elves.


I Love You, I Hate You

What is wrong with us?

Foreword by Karl D. LaRowe M.A., LCSW

In very simple language, Faith helps us understand why people who love each other can feel such anger and even hate when they feel they are not listened to and misunderstood.

She helps us “decipher” our relationships to understand how we are so reliant on each other – and why this is not a bad thing. She clearly explains the science behind how attachment forms and how deeply important it is to healthy relationships.

She provides real, clear tools we can utilize right away to help improve our relationship with those most important to us.

Hi, Faith. I enjoyed reading every bit of your book. You have highlighted the common issues in a way that is easy relatable, but not sure why it is so difficult for couples like us to “communicate” this with each other (I believe this is why we require professional assistance.) I’m so thankful and grateful I came across your book. I hope this will also help my spouse gain some insight as well.

Ed Na

I am a reader of HealthToday, and I just found out in the magazine that I can contact you for a copy of your book “I Love You, I Hate You”.

I am currently still recovering from the previous break up; after reading the “Open Up To Love” section in the magazine, I hope I could find some enlightenment in your book to be able to move on and form new relationships.


Dear Madam Foo,
I am a subscriber of HT and recently came across about your article – Open up to love.
Thank you for sharing such wonderful article. Although there is some common knowledge to most of us in our life, we still need constant reminder to work out our relationship. This article opened my eyes again to remind me what I have missed while living in agony due to past relationships….


Meant To Fly

Change is not an easy process. It’s filled with uncertainty, and it can get really uncomfortable. But for the brave few who are willing to complete the journey, a glorious transformation awaits!

If you’re ready to be inspired, this is the story of a caterpillar who was quite happy with the way things were. Until it discovers one day that it is Meant to Fly.