Enjoy Happier and Functional Living

From time to time, everyone struggles with feeling “down”, regardless of age, gender, or circumstances. As a professional counsellor, I am here for you. Let’s address the issues at heart + bounce back towards happier, functional living.

My passion to counsel, motivate, and inspire others to reach their full potential stems from my life’s experiences that got me questioning the deeper meaning of life…

Having gone through a challenging period of depression myself, I’ve discovered steps to overcome it, and attain inner transformation.

The life-changing impact of receiving good counsel and guidance in times of need are the reason why I’ve made psychotherapy and coaching my life’s calling. With an enriching 10-year journey as a psychotherapist, my area of expertise as a counsellor includes these issues of the heart, mind, and soul:







Relationship Issues


My goal as a counselor is for my clients to be happy and functional—able to relate well to self & others

Throughout my work as a professional counselor, I have had the privilege to work with a variety of clients ranging from young adults to the elderly. They come from diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds, including locals, and expatriates. My goal is for all of my clients to be happy and functional again, able to relate well to themselves, and others.

Exploring and discovering oneself—especially the issues, struggles and vulnerabilities most would rather keep hidden in the dark—can feel painful. So much so that many experience wanting to give up halfway.

But it is only in experiencing pain that we open up a pathway for healing and change to take place.

Just like a caterpillar metamorphizing into a butterfly, I see my clients transforming into their BEST selves when they learn to trust this process. It is how they’ll grow their wings to fly…

I highly recommend Faith and EMDR-therapy for treating PTSD, trauma, anxiety. Faith has helped me tremendously to deal with these issues. And I am forever grateful. 

Sujeewa Pradeep

Thanks to the lessons learned, and wisdom gained throughout my 50 plus years on earth—and counting. Combined with a decade’s worth of experience in the field of coaching and counselling, I’m confident

no problem is too great to overcome.

I was a very difficult client when I first came to her… I questioned her professional skills, and the approaches that she used. I was highly guarded despite knowing I needed help to recover from my loss and grieving.

She convinced me, and earned my trust with her relentless effort in showing empathy, and through her knowledge. I am forever indebted to Faith’s selfless guidance. I am still using her coaching methods as coping strategies during my anxious, gloomy days. She believed in me, that I am capable to bounce back to where I was, and an even better place. She’s truly a God-sent angel in my life, shining light my way when I saw no hope.

Keep doing what you love, Faith; because the fire in you warms us who was once left out in the cold darkness. Now we’re able to enjoy life.

Kim Yen Chin