Feel Heard, Understood & Empowered

Tapping into my personal stories of struggle and strength, my down-to-earth coaching methods are highly relatable. Clients feel heard, understood, and less alone in their journey. It enables + empowers them to rise above any obstacles.

Faith Foo Siew-YUEN云 - Coaching
Realign with Your BEST Self. Awaken to Your Innate Power.

Realign with Your BEST Self

You are constantly evolving and transforming. There is no telling what, who, or where you’ll be at the end of the transformation. During this process, you may reach your “stuck point”—an area I define as living out-of-sync with your BEST self.

My role is to shine the light on these dark areas where people get stuck, freeing them to realign with their authentic selves again.

Awaken to Your Innate Power

This process of realignment requires making changes from within, while creating outer progress. As a therapist and a coach, I am able to help you do both.

You will learn the tools to clear inner blocks. Process fears, anxieties or the sense of powerlessness stemming from emotional trauma or times of major upheaval in life.

And as I help hold you responsible in achieving tasks and goals, you’ll awaken to your innate power to be a positive, transformative force in your own life.

Be Your Most Intentional Self

and cultivate self-awareness in every moment, to steer life in the direction of your intentions.

Mental Health

Thrive with Mental Health Coaching

In this fast-moving and fast-changing world, you may feel like you’re constantly missing a piece of the puzzle. Human relations are complicated enough. Add to that the overwhelming pressure to be strong and perfect, in the midst of family strains, financial issues, workplace tensions, and personal issues. Is it even possible to thrive in today’s world? With Mental Health Coaching, you can. You will regain the right mindset and living strategies to not just survive the daily challenges, but to overcome any obstacles, and succeed in life.

Thrive with Mental Health Coaching
Guided to Live a More Fulfilling Life

Guided to Live a More Fulfilling Life

As a mental health coach, I motivate my clients and empower them to make changes that will improve their daily lives. Through coaching, you’ll gain vital tools to better manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, while reducing stress and anxiety. You’ll also benefit by learning how to elevate your mood, challenge self-limiting beliefs, while practicing self-love and acceptance—all of which bolsters mental health.

Coaching as a Compliment to Counseling

A lack of emotional well-being keeps us from improving our lives. I know many people who want to improve their lives, but they are not sure how. Mental health coaching is the answer. It can be empowering for people with mental health issues, too. While the wide range of mental health issues requires a trained medical professional, or a counselor or therapist for timely intervention. As a whole, coaching can, and sometimes must, work along with counseling and therapy as a wholesome supplement, and to achieve better results.

Coaching as a Compliment to Counseling
Coaching for Highly-Driven Leaders Committed to Making a Breakthrough

Coaching for Highly-Driven Leaders Committed to Making a Breakthrough

Trained first as a counselor and psychotherapist, and second as a coach. The powerful combination of these skillsets and expertise in both fields are the reasons why my services as a professional mental health coach is well sought after by the international expat community, and local Malaysian clients alike.

I specialize in helping highly-driven leaders who are ready to lead with intention, and live out their most rewarding lives. If this is you, and you’re committed to making a massive breakthrough, do get in touch. As I take on a limited number of clients per year, priorities are given to clients with referrals or invitations.

I’m a huge fan of Faith’s coaching style as she takes time to get to know your personality, and what drives you forward before jumping into the sessions. Unlike other coaches that are more theoretical, Faith uses her understandings to incorporate methods that suit the individuals during the coaching sessions. I’ve enjoyed the sessions with her and would highly recommend anyone to visit her.


5 steps to cultivating transformation and sustained change in your life:

Explore the core of your “stuck-ness”.

Rediscover what’s important to you.

Find new solutions for old problems.

Take meaningful & consistent action.

Transform through sustained change that is integrated to who you are.

Transformatiokn + Change

I came in at the darkest time of my life. Business dropped after MCO, relationships got worse, and I was close to losing my mind. Faith guided me out from the rut with no judgement and explained why it’s okay to feel how I am feeling. My life is a lot simpler, lighter, and happier now.

Iylia Fahmi