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Dropping “Me vs. Them” Mentality Once and For All

It’s not about oppositional thinking. We have to work together in order to build relationships we can thrive within.

Ever wondered why the journey to success feels like an uphill battle? Reality check: we frequently measure our failure against others’ success – so we miss the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Allow me to shed light on my triumphs in my current profession, ones that often go unnoticed…

My embarrassing moments as a counsellor, therapist, and coach.

I had no idea how embarrassing things were going to get…

My 1st client who came in and refused to talk to me – because the client was not the one who decided he/she needed help but was asked to see a counselor by the family. I was lost and anxious during the session. The silence almost kills me.

A client who misinterpreted me and gave me a bad Google review which was costly to my business.

Throughout my 12-year counseling and coaching journey, I’ve accumulated dozens of cringe-worthy, awkward moments like this.

The issue lies in the fact that while my resume may paint an impressive picture, it fails to capture the essence of my struggles. A Master’s Degree in Counselling, Clinical Trauma Specialist and Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional with President Award. Written two books. These accomplishments barely scratch the surface of my journey.

The Hidden Challenges of My Counselling and Coaching Success

Success often conceals the painful and arduous moments that accompany it. Despite my prominence in the counseling and coaching realm, there’s a side to my journey that remains largely undisclosed.

And what most people overlook about me is…

  • When my dad passed away I struggled to complete my thesis for my Master’s degree and struggled to graduate.
  • I was once burned out that I needed time to recover. I learned the importance of having savings to sustain me through difficult times.
  • I still recall the cold fear I felt at the start of lockdown during the pandemic.
  • Client who threaten to come to the office and make noise. Because we can’t give her the appointment according to her timing.
  • A client who threatens to bad-mouth us on social media due to miscommunication.

The path to success is paved with failures but successful people rarely share their failures.

Addressing the Me vs Them Effect can be tackled through three key solutions:

  1. Cease comparing your failure with others’ success moment.
  2. Refrain from equating your internal struggles with external appearances.
  3. Shift from emulating the actions of successful individuals in the present to adopting the strategies they employed when they were at your current stage.

As a counselor and coach, I believe the greatest gift I can offer my clients is the transparency to regularly share my doubts, fears, and insecurities. I’ll also be open about the significant mistakes I’ve made along my journey, aiming to spare you from similar pitfalls.

Expect me to create a supportive environment where you’re encouraged to embrace your own failures because it’s through these experiences that true learning occurs. If you’re not ready to stumble and share those stumbles, then perhaps this isn’t the right fit for you. After all, success is intertwined with the willingness to make mistakes.

Be ready for challenges and action-taking. During our live coaching sessions, you won’t be able to pose questions unless you’ve first outlined the steps you’ve taken that week to advance your coaching business. This isn’t a space for passive participation; discomfort often signals growth.

I can offer tailored support if you seek my guidance, get ready to share real-life scenarios.

A poignant lesson from my coach resonates here: “Mess is good!” It’s a reminder that growth often arises from embracing the messy, imperfect journey rather than striving for flawless perfection.

I am here to await you when you’re eager to elevate yourself and your business and embrace the discomfort and challenges inherent in growth.

My coaching system will help you thrive. Start your journey toward success today! Join me now to embark on a journey toward success with enhanced ease and confidence